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Success Stories

These are just a few of our triumphs thanks to our medical fund and FOHCAS volunteer efforts . Since establishing our medical fund we have helped hundreds of dogs and cats with veterinary care. The few we have not been able to save were able to pass on without pain and with caring people around them.  The others we have been thrilled to see go on to their forever homes to enrich the lives of those around them with their unconditional love and appreciation for being cared for as a member of the family.  


The shelter has limited medical resources, which leaves the staff with few options when faced with a difficult case or pet.   Through our partnership with area veterinary clinics and a small but dedicated group of volunteer fosters, Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter (FOHCAS) helped these pets get vetted and then sent them on to a rescue, foster home, or an adopter. Every dog and cat has a different story, but all of these ended up at our shelter in need of care. The vetting and care would not have been possible without donations from our extremely supportive community.

We always need donations toward our medical fund - there is always another cat or dog to help. Please donate either online or send a check to FOHCAS at 220 Peterson Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701. All donations are tax deductible, and if we have a name and address we will send you a receipt for your tax records. Thank you so much for your support.

Karma for website.jpg

Karma was a senior who found herself skinny and abandoned. That’s not usually a good recipe for a fairytale ending.

But add up the amazing shelter we have and volunteers who love like crazy, plus your donations for senior medical care - well, then you get an update like this that just melt your heart

Mama Honey for website.jpg

Mama Honey came to the shelter last year as an abandoned, neglected, emaciated and very pregnant girl. She was let down by the world. She didn’t matter to anyone. Her needs were huge - and that’s where you came in.

She was taken in by shelter staff who found her the best foster in the entire world. She delivered her precious little smooshy bits and they were cared for by the shelter’s amazing vet. Her special medical needs were addressed, she was fattened up and her many teeth issues were eventually taken care of. Most of all, she was shown love for what may have been the first time ever.

From the funds that support the shelter vet to addressing her special medical and dental needs - all of it happened because of you. Our friends.


Alright, grab a hanky.

This sweet flower girl was abandoned and homeless at 8 years old in 2016 when she found herself at the Hardin Co Animal Shelter. One of our amazing rescue partners Save Me Rescue took her into their program - and she found her forever. And not just any forever, but her fairy tale forever. Here is Oakley serving as her human’s flower girl at their wedding.

FOHCAS alums


Picked up stray with cateracts from head trauma.  Cleaned up and sent to rescue where she will receive eye surgery to try to help her regain her sight.  

Baby Girl

Unsocialized, likely used as a breeder. Sent to a foster home with a rescue who will work with her and find her a good home.

Stray, emaciated and filled with parasites...vetted and sent to rescue!

Update: Adopted and thriving! 


Senior Chihuahua mix hit by a car; vetted and then adopted by vet tech!  Update:  regained the use of her back legs and is living a happy active life! 


Surrendered and sick puppy; vetted and adopted!


Ate a toy from shelter visitors; vetted and sent to rescue!  Update: adopted and spends her days with another rescued Weimie buddy! 


Senior Beagle mix, difficult to adopt out because she was unhappy in shelter - went to boarding and found the right family!


Senior girl sent to a forever foster home to live out her days in peace.


Caged and unsocialized for his entire life; now in a loving foster home!


Senior dog with bladder issues; vetted and in a loving forever foster until his passing.


Injured foot, vetted and sent to rescue!


Pit Bull with deformed front legs, sent to rescue!



Chip was hit by a car and found in a ditch.  his leg was broken in two places and his hip cracked.  After surgery and therapy that included swimming, he was placed in a loving home .


Stray, living under a bridge for several months.  Severely matted and emaciated. Vetted and adopted! 

Kitten rescued from being kicked and abused by teenagers.  Recovered and adopted by a loving family! 


Mercy's daughter; vetted and adopted out to a great home!


Surrendered and sick puppy; vetted and sent to rescue!


Senior Pit Bull featured on Susie's Seniors and adopted out to a family in Memphis!  She had many happy months with love until her passing of natural causes.

Broken and unset foot from puppyhood; vetted and sent to rescue!

Pete the Pit
Martin the Warrior

Head trauma, blind and couldn't walk; sent to rehab rescue where he was loved and cared for until his passing.

Flora & Lulu

Feral, sent to loving foster home for socialization and care. Update: Adopted! 


One of our first senior pets; found a forever foster home to care for him in his retirement


Stray with infected eyes and hair so matted it covered his mouth and he couldn't open it to eat. Groomed, vetted and rescued!

Who will our medical fund save next?
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